How Irish businesses use social media

Image: social mediaIf your Irish business employs more than 10 people and doesn’t use social media, you’re now in the minority, according to figures released by the CSO last month (December 2015).

The CSO’s Information Society Statistics – Enterprises 2015 report found that 64 percent of Irish businesses with more 10 employees were using social media in 2015, an increase of 4 percent on the previous year.

Social networks are the most popular social media with 62 percent of the Irish enterprises now using networks like Facebook.

Fewer than a third — 30 percent  — of enterprises are using blogs or microblogs, according to the CSO stats, although the 2015 figures are up 3 percent on the previous year. It will be interesting to see if there is any upward movement in these figures next year as anecdotally it appears that more companies are now investing in content marketing.

Interestingly, a survey by Wolters Kluwer into social media use by accountants — also published in December 2015 — found a significant lift in the use of blogs during 2015 when compared with previous years.

Overall, the CSO stats show that Irish businesses are more active on social media than most of their European peers.

The full CSO survey is available  here.