Transferring iPhone Music Library to iPhone 5s

Having upgraded to an iPhone 5S this week, I had a few issues transferring across my iPhone music to the new device. Like most people, I have a vast collection of music on my iPhone. I tend to forget how it got there until I change my phone and something goes missing. This week, I hit a snag on a new iPhone 5S and spent an afternoon figuring out how to get around it. In the end this is what worked for me:

Problem Solving for Transferring iPhone Music Library

Problem 1: Downloading library appeared to be ‘stuck’ on iPhone 5s

Click iTunes — more — and check what’s happening in ‘downloads’. On my device it seems a podcast was causing the problem. I connected the iPhone to my laptop and deleted the podcast. Afterwards, the downloads appeared to proceed normally.

Problem 2: Full library failed to transfer from iCloud and/or from laptop to iPhone 5s

Having resolved the ‘stuck’ issue, it seemed everything was fine. Then I realised that only part of my music library had ‘synced’ (300 out of 1,900 songs). I connected the iPhone to the laptop again. Checked under Library  to make sure that all of my music was ticked and then under the iPhone — Summary — Options tab I selected ‘Sync only ticked songs and videos’. Hey presto the entire library transferred from desktop to iPhone.


Podcast Download Problems

Perhaps I’m just not suited to syncing. Ever since Apple introduced the Podcast app last year I’ve been experiencing podcast download problems on my iPhone 4.

Examples of Podcast Download Problems include include:

  • Recent podcast episodes not appearing in the iTunes store
  • Podcast ‘Playback failed’ messages
  • Podcast cannot be downloaded at this time messages
  • Various sync issues possibly due to incompatible settings between the various devices I own — but that’s just a guess.

Whatever is going on, it appears to affect my iPhone more than my laptop. For example, one podcast that I subscribe to released a new episode this week. The episode duly appeared on my iPhone but wouldn’t play or download. It wasn’t listed with the other podcast episodes in the iTunes store so I couldn’t stream it either. When I connected my laptop, the episode downloaded automatically to my iTunes library and plays perfectly but I can’t see it in the iTunes store from my laptop either.

I tried Google for solutions and came across a few suggestions including changing Podcast settings on the iPhone and turning the iPhone on and off but nothing seems to make a difference.

So, today, I decided the time has come to part company with the Podcast app and find an alternative which, based on what I’ve read so far, will probably be Downcast or Instacast.

Watch this space for updates.

Update: It’s been some time since I initially posted about my podcast download problems. I switched to using the Downcast App and now mostly use it instead of the Podcasts App on my iPhone. Interestingly, the Downcast App also seems to work better with my iPhone docking station.

Troubleshooting Gmail Password and Username Problems

Is your iPad  or iPhone telling you that your Gmail password is incorrect?  If you have a new device that is not accepting your Gmail login credentials or if you have had to delete a Gmail account on your device and  need to add it again from the Settings > Mail option this may occasionally result in a pop up that says the username or password is incorrect. The error could arise if you previously used an Authorised Access key on your Gmail account.

This solution fixed a Gmail Password problem on my iPhone

  • log in to your Gmail from your desktop or laptop and click on your photo/avatar on the top right of your screen
  • Select ‘Account’
  • On the next screen, choose ‘Security’ from the menu on the left
  • Scroll down to 2-Step Verification and if the Status is ‘On’ then choose ‘Manage your application specific passwords’
  • Generate a new application specific password and use this password to log in to Gmail on your iPhone or iPad
  • Once you have done this, your ordinary Gmail password should work correctly the next time you need to log in again on the device

Hopefully this will do the trick. Good luck!