Transferring iPhone Music Library to iPhone 5s

Having upgraded to an iPhone 5S this week, I had a few issues transferring across my iPhone music to the new device. Like most people, I have a vast collection of music on my iPhone. I tend to forget how it got there until I change my phone and something goes missing. This week, I hit a snag on a new iPhone 5S and spent an afternoon figuring out how to get around it. In the end this is what worked for me:

Problem Solving for Transferring iPhone Music Library

Problem 1: Downloading library appeared to be ‘stuck’ on iPhone 5s

Click iTunes — more — and check what’s happening in ‘downloads’. On my device it seems a podcast was causing the problem. I connected the iPhone to my laptop and deleted the podcast. Afterwards, the downloads appeared to proceed normally.

Problem 2: Full library failed to transfer from iCloud and/or from laptop to iPhone 5s

Having resolved the ‘stuck’ issue, it seemed everything was fine. Then I realised that only part of my music library had ‘synced’ (300 out of 1,900 songs). I connected the iPhone to the laptop again. Checked under Library  to make sure that all of my music was ticked and then under the iPhone — Summary — Options tab I selected ‘Sync only ticked songs and videos’. Hey presto the entire library transferred from desktop to iPhone.