3G Amazon Kindle

Opting for the 3G version of the Amazon Kindle has proved to be a good choice.

For months, each time I read a review of a new book, I would check it out in the Amazon store to see there was a Kindle edition and, if so, at what price. Surprisingly, many titles are not available and those that are can sometimes be more expensive than you would expect. Yet, the more opportunities I had to handle other people’s Kindles, the more tempted I was to get one. In the end, I decided to go for it, opting for the 3G version so that I could purchase books while on holiday.

I really didn’t expect to use the 3G very much but it turns out that I am using it every day because instead of books I find myself reading newspapers. The download takes just a couple of seconds and with the content stored on the Kindle there are no irritating delays when you flip from one story to the next. The reading experience beats online reading every time – particularly on a patchy 3G signal.

I’m genuinely surprised that I’ve started to pay several monthly subscriptions. I wonder if I’m typical? If the answer’s yes, maybe this is a digital pay model for publishers that’s really going to work.